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Rio Red Grapefruit

South Texas Rio Red Grapefruit are the Juciest in the World!

Rio Red grapefruit have a signature deep red color, sweet flavor, and thin rind that encases the tastiest grapefruits in the world.

History of the Rio Red Grapefruit

Rio Red grapefruits were discovered in 1976 by R.A. Hensz growing on a branch of a Ruby Red budwood. It's original debut was in 1984 when it was first released to the general public. The Rio Red grapefruits are not as well known as the popular Rub Red, but are said to be sweeter and are more full of juice. Minimal seeds and large in size, the Rio Reds are magnificent fruit grown primarily in the Rio Grande Valley. Rio Reds are also marketed as Rio Star grapefruit. Be warned! These are the best grapefruits you will ever eat.

The Beautiful Rio Red Color

One of the most stunning features of the Rio Red fruit is the intense red color on its interior. Some have said it is twice as red as Henderson fruit! The red color permeates throughout the entire fruit and the most flavorful Rio Red's can be spotted by their slight tinge of red or rosiness seen on the outside peel.